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About The Amnezja Hostel

If you are looking for accommodation at the heart of Wroclaw, Amnezja Hostel should be your first stop. It is right at the core of the city and walking distances from the Wroclaws must-see attractions. You never regret choosing this hostel as your place of stay during your visit as there is so much to see around and lot more to do. Let me take you through what makes this place an easy choice of accommodation for visitors.

The rooms and dormitories are brightly colored to make you feel at home the moment you step in your reserved space. There is also free Wi-Fi all over the place just in case you would not want to be cut off from your family and friends. Bathroom facilities are shared but that does not take away your privacy. You still have a lot of space to do your stuff without any interruption. If you need anything any hour of the day or night, the staff members here will be ready to help.They welcome with alluring smiles and you just feel like home. They also speak a variety of languages.

If you came for a share of history of this city, Amnezja Hostel is the perfect choice. It is located in close proximity to the must-see places. You will also find a lot of restaurants serving both local and Eastern Europe cuisines. They do make great meals here and you will be surprised how some of them borrow a lot from international dishes. Do not worry about your budget, things here are not as expensive as it would be in other bigger cities. You will find Wroclaw a very affordable city and make a promise to come back in the future.

Some of the greatest places to see include Raclawice Panorama, which is only 1.8km from the hostel. This is a must-visit place as it is beautiful and a top-rated attracted in the entire city. The ancient-styled old district of Ostrow Tumski is 1.8km away from your hostel room. This is a great place to take in the ancient Polish history as well as appreciate what modernity has brought to the world. There is a score of other sites to see if you have the time.

Before your stay here comes to a close, make a point of sampling nightlife. There is a string of bars and entertainment joints around the hostel. Whether you love wild parties or moderate crowds, there is something for you. Wroclaw has it all from an introvert to an out-going visitor and choosing this hostel was the right decision.


Last Updated: June 2020.